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White Butterflies Hiding in the Hay Field

There is a hay field across the road from us. I love taking photos when it is full of big round bales, especially when the hawks sit on them. This spring, the farmer planted new things in the field. I haven’t figured out what all the plants are yet, but the field is absolutely beautiful! […]
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Frozen Leaves Encased in Ice

It’s fall here in Alberta. Sunny days, temperatures well above freezing – until a few days ago. We woke that morning and greeted our first snow day. Over the next few days we had more snow, some melting, a misty rain that was almost snow and another freezing night.  The next morning it was sunny […]
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Let the Seeds do the Talking

  “Boy, that was sure scary! I can feel my hair standing right on end!” Post 61

Alberta – Foliage Throughout the Seasons

I got an invitation from Ailsa at Where’s my backpack? to take part in a Photo Challenge called Travel Theme: Foliage. In my part of the world, foliage is plentiful in three of the four seasons. Canadian Seasons have been described as: Six months of winter, and six months of poor sledding. These can be […]
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Macro Monday – Scales on a Cone

Do you need a clue or two to help you identify this photo? Okay, the mystery object is scaly and it grows on trees. No, don’t beg or plead. That is the only hint I am going to give you. Normally I would insert a quotation about scales here, but it appears that no one […]
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Macro Monday – Spruce Resin Drips

I won’t make you wait until next Monday to announce what this is a photo of. But try and guess anyhow before you read the story below the photo. Yes, the photo is Tree Sap. Spruce tree resin, to be specific. Isn’t it wonderful looking stuff? I suppose I should be concerned that a few […]
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Unusual Tree Resin Drips

Today is a most unusual day, because we have never lived it before; we will never live it again; it is the only day we have. – William Arthur Ward Sap (resin) running down the bark of an evergreen tree –  I suppose that isn’t all that unusual. But what about a blob of spruce […]
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My Seed Photo of Hope

What is more hopeful than seeds?! This weeks WordPress Photo Challenge is Hope. Post 42

Fern – My Fiddle Headed Frond

I’d like you to meet my frond, Fern.  At first glance, she seems to lead a pretty simple life. She doesn’t have flowers, nor does she bear seeds, but that doesn’t stop her from creating an extensive family. She sneaks off underground with her rhizome,  and then pops up as a new fern every few […]
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The Rebel Carrots – Oddly Shaped Roots

Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie. – Jim Davis – I’ve finished harvesting the carrots, and found a few rebels in the bunch: This one had two roots and they kept spiraling around each other down the entire length of the carrot. Does it remind […]
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