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Violas and Fritillary Butterflies

Bridging the Knowledge Gap: I was weeding and deadheading a few days ago, and was surprised to find my viola/pansy crop consisted of mostly bare stalks. Odd. When I looked closer, I could see that the few remaining leaves were well chewed. I didn’t give the sorry state of the Viola family much more thought. […]
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Arizona Bark Scorpion

Bark Scorpions are usually 2 – 3 inches long, are nocturnal, and eat crickets, roaches and other insects. Scorpions hibernate in the winter. This one was lurking in my broom closet, and unfortunately met an untimely ‘death by swiffer sweeper’. Scorpions glow in the dark if you shine a Black UV light on them, as […]
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The Magic of the Monarch Migration

We’ve had Monarch butterflies in our Arizona yard recently. They may be migrating south to Mexico, north-west to California or they may overwinter here if the conditions are favourable. The Monarch’s Southern fall migration is made by a single butterfly that will live for 6 to 8 months. The Northern spring migration will take multiple […]
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What Do Mosquitoes Eat?

We all know that the mosquitoes quest for food ends when they find a source of blood. But did you know that mosquitoes suck nectar too and only the females take a blood meal? I didn’t know the bit about the nectar.  It does make me think about how many millions of mosquitoes my flowers […]
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I See Ladybugs – Count the Spots

Ladybugs all dressed in red Strolling through the flowerbed. If I were tiny just like you I’d creep among the flowers too! – Maria Fleming – To do these photos justice, click on one of them to open a slideshow. To close the slideshow, press your ES-Ca-pay button (or the tiny ‘X’ on the top […]
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Flowers and Bugs in Arizona

I haven’t felt much like blogging for a few months now. Have I been Blue? Yes, some days. Other days, I’ve been seeing Red (but that is a post for another day). Very occasionally, I’m Mellow Yellow – (white wine can do that). For the past week or so I’ve been kind of Grey though – […]
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Solitary Monarch Butterfly in Alberta

Solitary – being alone; without others. As in, “I’m going out to the garden to do some weeding. Who wants to come out and help me?” I only found one Monarch Butterfly in my garden this year, and it is the only Monarch I’ve ever seen in my part of the world. Ideas don’t stay […]
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Monarch Butterflies Arrive in Alberta

Four photos in one to show you the movement of  butterfy wings. But not just any butterfly – this is a Monarch Butterfly! And it is in my garden! (Forgive all the exclamation marks, but I don’t think I have ever seen a Monarch butterfly in my yard before). My very own Monarch Butterfly spent […]
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Ladybugs Head to Head

Close Encounters of the Bug Kind A single peony bud – barely large enough for two ladybugs! Post 52

Seeds and Spider Webs

The difference between utility and utility plus beauty is the difference between telephone wires and the spider web. – Edwin Way Teal It looks a bit like snow storm today, but the big ‘flakes’ that are blowing in the wind are the fluffy seeds of something – probably a type of poplar tree. Weighing almost […]
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