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Easily Overlooked – Blue-Eyed Grass

With tiny flowers only 1/4 inch (6mm) wide, that only open in the morning, it is easy to see why I’ve only found Blue-Eyed Grass in my Alberta yard on three occasions. This time my transient wild flower popped up in a bed close to the garage. I just happened to pass the bed in […]
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On Going Unnoticed – Striped Coralroot Orchid

I thought I had met most of the residents of my forest (north of Calgary, Alberta) – I’ve been tromping along it’s paths looking at plants and birds and bugs for 26 years! But in early June, I discovered a ‘new to me’ plant – a Striped Coralroot Orchid. I don’t know how long this […]
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Sunflowers – Bold and Beautiful

Post 82

These Roses are Survivors

Each spring (for about six years), my father-in-law gave me a rose bush for my garden. He would remind me how to protect it so it would survive our Alberta winters. I was, should we say, less than successful as a rose gardener.  I did everything by the book, and usually the rose plant would […]
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Today was a Good Day for Rain Drops

After the rain – the plants were freshly washed and ready to have their photos taken! To do these photos justice, click on one of them to open a slideshow. To close the slideshow, press your ES-Ca-pay button (or the tiny ‘X’ on the top left of the screen). Your Good Days – any particularly […]
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Flower Envelopes – Petals Before they Open

Flower buds are like envelopes that hold the secret of the petals.

Very Fuzzy Prairie Willow Flower

Prairie Willow – Salix I like puns, but not everyone willower their standards and laugh at this type of humour. – Unknown – Post 75

Cheery Yellow Sunflowers

Amazing Circles are a photo editing trick done with the Polar Coordinate filter.

Deep Pink Flowers – Bergenia cordifolia

  Almost all words do have color and nothing is more pleasant than to utter a pink word and see someone’s eyes light up and know it is a pink word for him or her too. – Gladys Taber – Bergenia cordifolia Post 73

Sunflowers Face a Snow Storm

The first snow of the season is more than mildly inconvenient. It is often accompanied by below freezing temperatures, and that brings an end to the growing season of the tender plants. After that, the weather generally goes back to normal, and we get weeks of beautiful fall weather. Still recovering from the beating they […]
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