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Cooper’s Hawk near Calgary, Alberta

It has been a busy summer in the mixed Aspen/Willow/Spruce forest of our acreage community north of Calgary, Alberta. In our section of the forest alone, the Great Horned Owl, Magpie, and Crow have all nested and produced young. The ‘new bird in town’, though was the Cooper’s Hawk. I encountered this one when I […]
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Common Raven

The Common Raven is entirely black – feathers, bill, eyes, legs and feet! Their wingspan is 45.7–46.5 in (116–118 cm). In size, they are about half again larger than an American Crow or Chihuahuan Raven. The captive ravens at the Tower of London in England are perhaps the most famous ravens in the world, and […]
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A Mountain Bluebird in Utah

Bluebirds have taught me a few things. First, the more you think you know, the more you have to learn. Second, never say never because they will fool you every time! Third, they have taught me to stop sweating details in my life and learn to enjoy the simple things. There are things far greater […]
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The Arizona Great Horned Owl

For the past few weeks we have been serenaded by several Great Horned Owls. Their calls, a series of deep hoots (who-who-ah-whoo, who-ah-whoo) break the silence of the late evening or early morning. It is always too dark to see it, or take pictures. Today, however, owl starting hooting before sundown. It sounded very close. […]
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A Wet Northern Cardinal

This past spring, my Blue Potato Bush needed a good watering, so I turned on the sprinkler. This piqued the interest of a female Northern Cardinal that was lunching on the seeds of a nearby Gopher Plant. It didn’t take her long to decide this source of H2O was perfect for showering. She flew into […]
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American Robin – The Endless Quest for Food

A pair of American Robins built a nest on top of the electric meter at our house. For just over a month we watched (and worried) while the parents hunted for food (an endless quest), protected the nest, and raised their two chicks. We were very careful to keep our distance for the entire time, […]
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At the Edge of the Water in Arizona – a Great Blue Heron

The Feather Files Name: Ardea herodias Alias: Great Blue Heron Migration: Partial – birds leave the northern edge of their breeding range to fly as far south as the Caribbean. Birds in the Pacific Northwest and south Florida are present year-round. Date Seen: April 14, 2014 Location: Sun Lakes, Chandler, Arizona, USA Great Blue Herons […]
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American Robin Look Up – Waaay Up…

… and I’ll drop bugs in your mouth. If I had known that a baby could grow to ‘almost ready to leave the nest’ in only 13 days – by eating worms and bugs – well, I’d have raised my own children a lot differently… The Feather Files Name: Turdus migratorius Alias: American Robin Migration: […]
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Common Nighthawk on my Alberta Roof

The Feather Files Name: Chordeiles minor Alias: Common Nighthawk Migration: Long distance: Summer North America; Winter South America Date Seen: August 22, 2015 Location: NE of Airdrie, Alberta, Canada The Common Nighthawk (Chordeiles minor) – brown speckled plumage makes it a master of camouflage! My nighthawk flew out of one of my flower beds when […]
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Canada Geese – Force of Nature

Canada Geese are the most popular neighbours.